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Create a Sanctuary in the Bedroom with Aromatherapy and Feng Shui

by on April 29, 2014

Three Tree Wellness Center

Join us at Three Tree Wellness on Wednesday, May 14, 2014

7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. 

Karen Andersen
Certified Feng Shui Consultant


Does your bedroom look like the sensual and romantic retreat that invites relaxation and connection? Or could it use a little more love and attention?

  • Discover powerful remedies you can implement with proper placement of furnishings, plants, color, pictures, candles, and more, as your bedroom becomes a tranquil oasis that appeals to all of your senses.
  • Practical feng shui tips will be discussed that help move the stuck energy in the bedroom so it flows freely and supports your intentions for greater harmony with your partner, or with yourself.
  • We will also pass around some fragrant doTERRA essential oils such as Citrus Bliss and Lavender for you to try.
  • Discover the underlying meaning of the various items in your bedroom, as well as how clutter in the bedroom adversely affects prosperity, relationships, health and more. Get it outta there!
  • A 15 ml. doTERRA essential oil will be given away to one lucky guest, as well as an additional surprise gift for another person.
  • Handouts will be supplied for you to take home.
  • Bring a friend!

Space is limited. Register here:

Three Tree Wellness Center

Karen Andersen
Certified Vastu (Indian Feng Shui) Consultant
doTERRA® Wellness Advocate
Certified Professional Soulmate Coach
Reiki Master & Numerologist
Call/text: 206-708-3708

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